Episode 10 – Running On Empty

June 30th, 2011

The couples all seem to be on a mission to pull their lives back together. Janet is reading a book about how to get her life back on track. She insists that Roger is depressed, and wants him to see a therapist.

At the Millers they are preparing a family trip to the cabin to try to start mending some of the failed relationships of the summer. Laurie is out with Teach again, although she’s supposed to be getting ice. Bruce grounds Laurie, which opens a discussion with Susan regarding how best to handle the situation.

Laurie tells them she is not going on the trip, as she’d rather go to a concert with Doug. Susan pleads with her to spend some time with the family.

We also find out that Tom and Trina have closed their marriage while they try to reconnect with one another.

Janet and Roger go to their first therapy session. The therapist is not aware that Janet is going to be there, but indulges the couple anyhow. The conversation is opened to Roger losing his job, and things go much deeper than that. Janet is not happy with the therapy session at all, and tells the therapist later that she refuses to pay for the session. She ends up admitting her frustration with Roger during this confrontation, and talks about the kiss she shared with Tom.

At the Deckers, Trina is trying to turn on Tom by wandering around in a skimpy maids costume. He tells her that the new lifestyle is fine by him.

Episode 9 – Swingus Interruptus

May 11th, 2011

Bruce and Susan start to have problems after Bruce admits to kissing another woman. Susan tells Bruce that she’s thankful he told her, although she does wish it hadn’t happened. Bruce assures Susan that he will have no more contact with the woman. Susan asks Bruce if he wants to meet Brad and Sylvia at the sex club. He’s dubious at the suggestion, but agrees. Susans thought was she didn’t want sex to control their marriage, instead she wanted them to be able to control the sex together, just like they did at Tom and Trinas.

Bruce and Roger meet for drinks, where Roger shares that Janet is taking everything surprisingly well. In the meantime, Trina shows up at Janets to formally apologize for the photo. Janet is hurt to find out that they are going to the club with out her, and Trina invites her, with the warning of not to be surprised of what she may see on arrival.

Susan and Bruce wander around looking excitedly at all the events taking place at the club. Janet is trying to relax and become comfortable. After the party everyone heads back home.

Later Janet and Roger shows up at the Deckers to find they are having a party. Trina invites them in, and Janet agrees to stay for a bit. Roger gets a lap dance while Janet broods over how no one would want her. Tom ends up kissing Janet to prove to her that she is beautiful, then he walks away.

Episode 8 – Puzzlerama

April 1st, 2011

Janet and Roger find themselves in financial turmoil, and Tom and Trinas marriage continues to be rocky. Despite this, they still decide to throw their annual Puzzlerama party. This party tends to be a large swingers party every year, and they invite Susan and Bruce even though they wonder if they are ready for a party of this caliber.

Janet finds a pair of swim trunks hidden in a corner that belong to Tom. These were from the camping trip earlier in the season. Janet doesn’t know they are Toms, and Susan quickly grabs them away from her. Janet also doesn’t know that Susan knows that Roger lost his job, and Janet tells Susan that Rogers promotion isn’t going well. Susan tries to act surprised by this and engages her in conversation despite this.

Susan makes a deal about Roger wearing cologne to dinner. He tries to play it off as cologne that he had worn earlier, and it must not have worn off yet.

Trina and Tom throw their party, and Susan and Bruce show up. The game Puzzlerama is a type of scavenger hunt with a sexual twist. They all watch out for Janet and Roger, who are also playing the game, as poor Janet doesn’t quite understand the concept. She finally figures out the swinging clues and she runs out. Roger is still playing the game, and ends up with Susan as a partner. Susan decides its time to stop playing and leaves. Susan gives her marker to Janet since she’s supposed to pair with her husband.

Episode 7 – Heatwave

March 26th, 2011

As summer continues to scald, relationships become heated as well. Tom and Trina are having a hard time with the swinging lifestyle, especially now that Tom is working longer shifts and spends more nights away from home. Tom begins to party with the blond co-worker, and Trina begins outside flitations.

Trina comes home after Tom has arrived, and finds a party going on at the pool. The blonde co-worker is involved. Trina tells Tom she feels they are sliding in to old patterns, and Tom admits to sleeping with Bobbie once on a layover. Trina is jealous and angry, and Tom reminds Trina of their safe list, and Bobbie is on that list. Trina points out that he spends more time with Bobbie than with her, and problems continue to escalate.

At the Miller house the AC is broken, Bruce tinkers with that as Susan struggles to put up the new wallpaper. Janet comes over to help. It comes out that since the Millers had moved, Janet has been on a mission to keep up with the other neighbors, and has taken on house projects that the family can’t afford.

Roger loses his job, but fails to tell Janet. She finds out one day when she goes to see him and is told by the Secretary that half the staff was let go. Janet is confused and doesn’t understand why Roger wouldn’t have told her.

The excessive heat creates a power outage, which fuels the fire for the marriage problems with Tom and Trina.

Episode 6 – Friends with Benefits

February 20th, 2011

Episode 6 opens with Trina getting out of the pool to take a call from her far away husband, who has started taking longer trips to Tokyo as a pilot. Susan is preparing BJ for camp. Janet invites Susan to a ladies luncheon that is going to be a big to do.

Bruce meets an attractive blonde co-worker who showers him with compliments.

Susan and Lauren continue to try to find wallpaper for the walls that she’s been struggling over since they moved in. This is to show her lack of commitment and inability to make a permanent decision.

Laurie continues her flirtation with her swinger teacher. She gives a report to the class, which the teacher points out wasn’t done per the directions. Laurie is unable to open up in front of the class, and ends up sitting it out instead. She later comes by the class as the teacher is getting ready to leave, and wants to explain why she couldn’t express herself in front of the class. He tells her that he’s not her teacher anymore, and they begin to make out.

The whole gang ends up at the benefit that Susan was invited to by Janet. Everyone dances, talks, has a good time. At the end of the benefit Janet goes home and starts to work on her scrapbook of the event while still in her party clothes. The Deckers go home with another man and have a menage, and the Millers go home where Susan is finally able to choose a wallpaper she’s happy with, and they go to bed.

Episode 5 – Go Your Own Way

January 14th, 2011

In episode 5 we see Janet planning a tupperware party as Trina plans a benefit for a porn star who has found some legal trouble. Susan helps stuff envelopes for the benefit, and they begin to talk about the porn industry. A conversation ensues over whether or not the movie Deep Throat is art or smut.

Laurie runs in to her teacher on campus. Logan confesses to Laurie that he saw the teacher leaving her house. Laurie says he was just checking on her, but Logan mentions that men like him don’t keep teaching jobs for long. This evokes fear in Laurie.

Janet is working hard with the tupperware party when Trina shows up to offer apologies to Susan for the mild argument earlier over Deep Throat. She also drops off some research for her regarding the porn actor. Later Susan is reading through the material when Bruce comes home. Bruce points out that he is a porno actor, and Susan laughs this off, then feigns interest in seeing the move. He patronizes her by telling her she wouldn’t enjoy the movie, and declines an invitation to the benefit party. Susan decides to go to the movie anyhow.

After the movie, Janet is shocked that Susan went to see Deep Throat, and wonders aloud if anyone had seen her, showing the difference they have in their openness.

Bruce gets upset later when Susan announces she both saw the movie and plans on going to the party.

Episode 4 – Cabin Fever

December 17th, 2010

Episode 4 spices things up with all the relationships involved. Lauries crush on her teacher ends up in a kiss, and the teacher did not stop her. BJ and Samantha became closer, which sparked jealousy in Ricky who has had a crush on Samantha for a while. Susan opened up to the idea of open swinging. The Millers and the Deckers plan a weekend getaway to a cabin.

While at the cabin Trina and Susan discuss their first swinging experience while the guys go fishing. Susan confesses that she is curious, and that they have allowed for more honesty and openness. Trina agrees, and pipes in that this is the only way to be successful as a couple and as swingers.

Later inside, they are all laughing as they share the events of the day, and things get sexual. Tom mentions that there isn’t a lot of water for showers, and suggests that to make the most of it they should shower together. Everyone agrees, and Susan is about to start with Tom when Janet and Roger make a surprise appearance at the cabin.

Janet is hurt as she realizes they invited the Deckers when Janet and her husband cancelled. Trina and Tom offer to leave, when Susan says they can all stay. Janet is confused as to how the accommodations will work since it’s only a 2 bedroom cabin. Things at the cabin become uncomfortable quickly, as Janet and Trina both jockey for position as Susans better friend. Pot brownies get made, and a fight ensues over this. Trina decides to find some games, and she finds Twister.

Back at the house, Laurie is meeting with her teacher who has decided this is a bad situation. She slips him a note telling him to meet her at her house, where she has dinner and candles waiting.

Episode 3 – Double Exposure

November 27th, 2010

By episode 3 the tension between Janet and Trina when it comes to Susan is palatable. Susan worries about the effect the whole thing has on her family, and decides to take her family to church. After attending church they run in to Janet and her husband. The tension is still there, and Susan tries to extend an olive branch asking Janet to plan a housewarming party for the couple. Janet accepts the offer and we can see her attitude softening a little.

Janet is in the midst of planning the party when Susan decides to cancel. At hearing how excited Janet is, she decides not to cancel the party. Janet finds BJ and Ricky with Playboys that were stolen. Janet comes down on the boys pretty hard, explaining that there are consequences to these things. Janet then gets upset that Bruce would have needed these magazines to begin with, and the issue of privacy and marriage is broached.

The housewarming party itself gets heated. Bruce has a video camera, and Janet and Trina have both planned games for the party. Trinas party games are slightly more sexual in nature. It ends up finishing with people ripping wallpaper off the walls, a project that was worked on earlier. Later on it comes out that the Millers and the Deckers had been intimate with one another, and Roger gets freaked out.

Laurie’s crush on her teacher continues, and BJ and Samantha continue to have a strained and typical age appropriate relationship.

Episode 2 – Love Will Find a Way

November 3rd, 2010

In episode 1 you learn that the Millers new neighbors are more open with their sexuality than the Millers have been. They decide to go ahead and try out swinging for the first time to see what it’s about. While the Millers enjoyed their experience with the Deckers, they decide not to do this often.

In the opening of episode 2 Trina shows up at the door naked as Tom comes in to rub on Janet. We see Janet wake up as this is nothing more than a fantasy.

Susan Millers old friend and neighbor, Janet, starts to distance herself from Susan. Susan struggles with this. While the move wasn’t a large one, it was enough to make it appear as though Susan has changed, and Janet doesn’t handle this well. While this conflict is going on, Susan and Trina Decker are becoming closer and closer.

As the Millers spend more time with the Deckers, the Miller children start to feel neglected. We see them unpacking boxes and scrounging through the fridge for breakfast as the Millers are next door.

Laurie continues to fantasize about her summer school teacher. BJ’s fascination with Samantha grows, and they end up on a camping trip. However, BJ’s friend Ricky tags along and ruins the mood.

Bruce’s career continues to move forward as he is able to steal a big client from a competitor.

The war is also mentioned as we find out that Samanthas mom is dating a man named Stu. Samantha’s dad gad gone to Vietnam, and only his wedding band returned.

Episode 1 – Swingtown Pilot

October 26th, 2010

Swingtown was a television show that aired on CBS for a single season. It took place in the 70s, and was billed as a drama. The show itself was about the swinging revolution in American suburbs. The basic premise for the show revolved around a more liberated sexual society and the impact it could have on families.

Bruce and Susan miller, along with their children Laurie and BJ move to a suburb of Chicago. They meet their neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, and become fast friends. It doesn’t take long for the Millers to learn of the Deckers open marriage.

In the pilot episode all the characters are introduced, and a little bit of background is given. The year is 1976 and everyone is celebrating the bicentennial. They are quickly welcomed in to the neighborhood and learn of their neighbors open views on marriage. In the pilot episode Bruce and Susan are invited over to participate in a swinging experience with the Deckers.

As side plots, the teenage daughter Laurie is dating a boy that is a drug user, but she is more attracted to a teacher. BJ meets a neighbors girl that is closer to his age, and quickly becomes fascinated with her mysterious ways.

Conflict with their old neighbors, who they wanted to remain friends with, starts to show up as well. There is a marked contrast between what was a good relationship with their old friends, and the relationship their new neighbors are interested in. Even though the move only took them a few blocks, it seems worlds apart from where they were.