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Episode 1 – Swingtown Pilot

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Swingtown was a television show that aired on CBS for a single season. It took place in the 70s, and was billed as a drama. The show itself was about the swinging revolution in American suburbs. The basic premise for the show revolved around a more liberated sexual society and the impact it could have on families.

Bruce and Susan miller, along with their children Laurie and BJ move to a suburb of Chicago. They meet their neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, and become fast friends. It doesn’t take long for the Millers to learn of the Deckers open marriage.

In the pilot episode all the characters are introduced, and a little bit of background is given. The year is 1976 and everyone is celebrating the bicentennial. They are quickly welcomed in to the neighborhood and learn of their neighbors open views on marriage. In the pilot episode Bruce and Susan are invited over to participate in a swinging experience with the Deckers.

As side plots, the teenage daughter Laurie is dating a boy that is a drug user, but she is more attracted to a teacher. BJ meets a neighbors girl that is closer to his age, and quickly becomes fascinated with her mysterious ways.

Conflict with their old neighbors, who they wanted to remain friends with, starts to show up as well. There is a marked contrast between what was a good relationship with their old friends, and the relationship their new neighbors are interested in. Even though the move only took them a few blocks, it seems worlds apart from where they were.