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Episode 3 – Double Exposure

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

By episode 3 the tension between Janet and Trina when it comes to Susan is palatable. Susan worries about the effect the whole thing has on her family, and decides to take her family to church. After attending church they run in to Janet and her husband. The tension is still there, and Susan tries to extend an olive branch asking Janet to plan a housewarming party for the couple. Janet accepts the offer and we can see her attitude softening a little.

Janet is in the midst of planning the party when Susan decides to cancel. At hearing how excited Janet is, she decides not to cancel the party. Janet finds BJ and Ricky with Playboys that were stolen. Janet comes down on the boys pretty hard, explaining that there are consequences to these things. Janet then gets upset that Bruce would have needed these magazines to begin with, and the issue of privacy and marriage is broached.

The housewarming party itself gets heated. Bruce has a video camera, and Janet and Trina have both planned games for the party. Trinas party games are slightly more sexual in nature. It ends up finishing with people ripping wallpaper off the walls, a project that was worked on earlier. Later on it comes out that the Millers and the Deckers had been intimate with one another, and Roger gets freaked out.

Laurie’s crush on her teacher continues, and BJ and Samantha continue to have a strained and typical age appropriate relationship.

Episode 2 – Love Will Find a Way

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

In episode 1 you learn that the Millers new neighbors are more open with their sexuality than the Millers have been. They decide to go ahead and try out swinging for the first time to see what it’s about. While the Millers enjoyed their experience with the Deckers, they decide not to do this often.

In the opening of episode 2 Trina shows up at the door naked as Tom comes in to rub on Janet. We see Janet wake up as this is nothing more than a fantasy.

Susan Millers old friend and neighbor, Janet, starts to distance herself from Susan. Susan struggles with this. While the move wasn’t a large one, it was enough to make it appear as though Susan has changed, and Janet doesn’t handle this well. While this conflict is going on, Susan and Trina Decker are becoming closer and closer.

As the Millers spend more time with the Deckers, the Miller children start to feel neglected. We see them unpacking boxes and scrounging through the fridge for breakfast as the Millers are next door.

Laurie continues to fantasize about her summer school teacher. BJ’s fascination with Samantha grows, and they end up on a camping trip. However, BJ’s friend Ricky tags along and ruins the mood.

Bruce’s career continues to move forward as he is able to steal a big client from a competitor.

The war is also mentioned as we find out that Samanthas mom is dating a man named Stu. Samantha’s dad gad gone to Vietnam, and only his wedding band returned.