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Episode 4 – Cabin Fever

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Episode 4 spices things up with all the relationships involved. Lauries crush on her teacher ends up in a kiss, and the teacher did not stop her. BJ and Samantha became closer, which sparked jealousy in Ricky who has had a crush on Samantha for a while. Susan opened up to the idea of open swinging. The Millers and the Deckers plan a weekend getaway to a cabin.

While at the cabin Trina and Susan discuss their first swinging experience while the guys go fishing. Susan confesses that she is curious, and that they have allowed for more honesty and openness. Trina agrees, and pipes in that this is the only way to be successful as a couple and as swingers.

Later inside, they are all laughing as they share the events of the day, and things get sexual. Tom mentions that there isn’t a lot of water for showers, and suggests that to make the most of it they should shower together. Everyone agrees, and Susan is about to start with Tom when Janet and Roger make a surprise appearance at the cabin.

Janet is hurt as she realizes they invited the Deckers when Janet and her husband cancelled. Trina and Tom offer to leave, when Susan says they can all stay. Janet is confused as to how the accommodations will work since it’s only a 2 bedroom cabin. Things at the cabin become uncomfortable quickly, as Janet and Trina both jockey for position as Susans better friend. Pot brownies get made, and a fight ensues over this. Trina decides to find some games, and she finds Twister.

Back at the house, Laurie is meeting with her teacher who has decided this is a bad situation. She slips him a note telling him to meet her at her house, where she has dinner and candles waiting.