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Episode 6 – Friends with Benefits

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Episode 6 opens with Trina getting out of the pool to take a call from her far away husband, who has started taking longer trips to Tokyo as a pilot. Susan is preparing BJ for camp. Janet invites Susan to a ladies luncheon that is going to be a big to do.

Bruce meets an attractive blonde co-worker who showers him with compliments.

Susan and Lauren continue to try to find wallpaper for the walls that she’s been struggling over since they moved in. This is to show her lack of commitment and inability to make a permanent decision.

Laurie continues her flirtation with her swinger teacher. She gives a report to the class, which the teacher points out wasn’t done per the directions. Laurie is unable to open up in front of the class, and ends up sitting it out instead. She later comes by the class as the teacher is getting ready to leave, and wants to explain why she couldn’t express herself in front of the class. He tells her that he’s not her teacher anymore, and they begin to make out.

The whole gang ends up at the benefit that Susan was invited to by Janet. Everyone dances, talks, has a good time. At the end of the benefit Janet goes home and starts to work on her scrapbook of the event while still in her party clothes. The Deckers go home with another man and have a menage, and the Millers go home where Susan is finally able to choose a wallpaper she’s happy with, and they go to bed.