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Episode 7 – Heatwave

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

As summer continues to scald, relationships become heated as well. Tom and Trina are having a hard time with the swinging lifestyle, especially now that Tom is working longer shifts and spends more nights away from home. Tom begins to party with the blond co-worker, and Trina begins outside flitations.

Trina comes home after Tom has arrived, and finds a party going on at the pool. The blonde co-worker is involved. Trina tells Tom she feels they are sliding in to old patterns, and Tom admits to sleeping with Bobbie once on a layover. Trina is jealous and angry, and Tom reminds Trina of their safe list, and Bobbie is on that list. Trina points out that he spends more time with Bobbie than with her, and problems continue to escalate.

At the Miller house the AC is broken, Bruce tinkers with that as Susan struggles to put up the new wallpaper. Janet comes over to help. It comes out that since the Millers had moved, Janet has been on a mission to keep up with the other neighbors, and has taken on house projects that the family can’t afford.

Roger loses his job, but fails to tell Janet. She finds out one day when she goes to see him and is told by the Secretary that half the staff was let go. Janet is confused and doesn’t understand why Roger wouldn’t have told her.

The excessive heat creates a power outage, which fuels the fire for the marriage problems with Tom and Trina.