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Episode 8 – Puzzlerama

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Janet and Roger find themselves in financial turmoil, and Tom and Trinas marriage continues to be rocky. Despite this, they still decide to throw their annual Puzzlerama party. This party tends to be a large swingers party every year, and they invite Susan and Bruce even though they wonder if they are ready for a party of this caliber.

Janet finds a pair of swim trunks hidden in a corner that belong to Tom. These were from the camping trip earlier in the season. Janet doesn’t know they are Toms, and Susan quickly grabs them away from her. Janet also doesn’t know that Susan knows that Roger lost his job, and Janet tells Susan that Rogers promotion isn’t going well. Susan tries to act surprised by this and engages her in conversation despite this.

Susan makes a deal about Roger wearing cologne to dinner. He tries to play it off as cologne that he had worn earlier, and it must not have worn off yet.

Trina and Tom throw their party, and Susan and Bruce show up. The game Puzzlerama is a type of scavenger hunt with a sexual twist. They all watch out for Janet and Roger, who are also playing the game, as poor Janet doesn’t quite understand the concept. She finally figures out the swinging clues and she runs out. Roger is still playing the game, and ends up with Susan as a partner. Susan decides its time to stop playing and leaves. Susan gives her marker to Janet since she’s supposed to pair with her husband.