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Episode 10 – Running On Empty

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The couples all seem to be on a mission to pull their lives back together. Janet is reading a book about how to get her life back on track. She insists that Roger is depressed, and wants him to see a therapist.

At the Millers they are preparing a family trip to the cabin to try to start mending some of the failed relationships of the summer. Laurie is out with Teach again, although she’s supposed to be getting ice. Bruce grounds Laurie, which opens a discussion with Susan regarding how best to handle the situation.

Laurie tells them she is not going on the trip, as she’d rather go to a concert with Doug. Susan pleads with her to spend some time with the family.

We also find out that Tom and Trina have closed their marriage while they try to reconnect with one another.

Janet and Roger go to their first therapy session. The therapist is not aware that Janet is going to be there, but indulges the couple anyhow. The conversation is opened to Roger losing his job, and things go much deeper than that. Janet is not happy with the therapy session at all, and tells the therapist later that she refuses to pay for the session. She ends up admitting her frustration with Roger during this confrontation, and talks about the kiss she shared with Tom.

At the Deckers, Trina is trying to turn on Tom by wandering around in a skimpy maids costume. He tells her that the new lifestyle is fine by him.