Episode 3 – Double Exposure

By episode 3 the tension between Janet and Trina when it comes to Susan is palatable. Susan worries about the effect the whole thing has on her family, and decides to take her family to church. After attending church they run in to Janet and her husband. The tension is still there, and Susan tries to extend an olive branch asking Janet to plan a housewarming party for the couple. Janet accepts the offer and we can see her attitude softening a little.

Janet is in the midst of planning the party when Susan decides to cancel. At hearing how excited Janet is, she decides not to cancel the party. Janet finds BJ and Ricky with Playboys that were stolen. Janet comes down on the boys pretty hard, explaining that there are consequences to these things. Janet then gets upset that Bruce would have needed these magazines to begin with, and the issue of privacy and marriage is broached.

The housewarming party itself gets heated. Bruce has a video camera, and Janet and Trina have both planned games for the party. Trinas party games are slightly more sexual in nature. It ends up finishing with people ripping wallpaper off the walls, a project that was worked on earlier. Later on it comes out that the Millers and the Deckers had been intimate with one another, and Roger gets freaked out.

Laurie’s crush on her teacher continues, and BJ and Samantha continue to have a strained and typical age appropriate relationship.

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