Episode 5 – Go Your Own Way

In episode 5 we see Janet planning a tupperware party as Trina plans a benefit for a porn star who has found some legal trouble. Susan helps stuff envelopes for the benefit, and they begin to talk about the porn industry. A conversation ensues over whether or not the movie Deep Throat is art or smut.

Laurie runs in to her teacher on campus. Logan confesses to Laurie that he saw the teacher leaving her house. Laurie says he was just checking on her, but Logan mentions that men like him don’t keep teaching jobs for long. This evokes fear in Laurie.

Janet is working hard with the tupperware party when Trina shows up to offer apologies to Susan for the mild argument earlier over Deep Throat. She also drops off some research for her regarding the porn actor. Later Susan is reading through the material when Bruce comes home. Bruce points out that he is a porno actor, and Susan laughs this off, then feigns interest in seeing the move. He patronizes her by telling her she wouldn’t enjoy the movie, and declines an invitation to the benefit party. Susan decides to go to the movie anyhow.

After the movie, Janet is shocked that Susan went to see Deep Throat, and wonders aloud if anyone had seen her, showing the difference they have in their openness.

Bruce gets upset later when Susan announces she both saw the movie and plans on going to the party.

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