Episode 9 – Swingus Interruptus

Bruce and Susan start to have problems after Bruce admits to kissing another woman. Susan tells Bruce that she’s thankful he told her, although she does wish it hadn’t happened. Bruce assures Susan that he will have no more contact with the woman. Susan asks Bruce if he wants to meet Brad and Sylvia at the sex club. He’s dubious at the suggestion, but agrees. Susans thought was she didn’t want sex to control their marriage, instead she wanted them to be able to control the sex together, just like they did at Tom and Trinas.

Bruce and Roger meet for drinks, where Roger shares that Janet is taking everything surprisingly well. In the meantime, Trina shows up at Janets to formally apologize for the photo. Janet is hurt to find out that they are going to the club with out her, and Trina invites her, with the warning of not to be surprised of what she may see on arrival.

Susan and Bruce wander around looking excitedly at all the events taking place at the club. Janet is trying to relax and become comfortable. After the party everyone heads back home.

Later Janet and Roger shows up at the Deckers to find they are having a party. Trina invites them in, and Janet agrees to stay for a bit. Roger gets a lap dance while Janet broods over how no one would want her. Tom ends up kissing Janet to prove to her that she is beautiful, then he walks away.

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